Easy, efficient, secure cloud-to-cloud Office 365 protection

Microsoft does not protect Office 365 data

Working without Office 365 today is a huge hurdle for users – so recovering that data quickly is essential to keep businesses running. The challenge is, Microsoft promises reliable access to its applications but not true backup. This means managers are responsible for defending their organization’s O365 data from loss.

Defend your O365 data and business with a backup as a service solution

Thwart data threats

Cope with user error, intentional and unintentional file deletion, and ransomware attacks.

Avoid costly penalties

Ensure regulatory compliance with retention policies and avoid data loss in any deactivated subscriptions.

Boost business continuity

Reduce costly recovery times and ensure your business keeps running with the fastest granular restore.

Protect key Office 365 apps

Exchange Online

Backup emails, attachments, contacts, tasks, group mailboxes, archive mailboxes and calendar. Easily and quickly, recover all the data you need with built-in features that simplify the process for you.

OneDrive for Business

Backup files and folders and flexibly recover all necessary data, including sharing permissions. To streamline access to data, you can download files right from the backup and begin using it immediately.

SharePoint Online

Backup site collections, team sites, communication sites as well as all access permissions settings. It’s easy to recover all critical items granularly and even download files directly from the backup.

Feature highlights

  •  Convenient agent-less backup for Office 365
  •  Granular Office 365 data restore in mere seconds
  •   Quick backup search for Office 365 data
  •   Powerful status monitoring and reporting
  •  AES-256 encryption of backups in transit and at rest
  •  Support for Microsoft multi-factor authentication (MFA)

   delivers easy-to-use and secure cyber protection for your business

Protection for any workload
Streamline your data protection efforts using just one solution. We support Windows and Linux servers and VMs, eight major hypervisors, PCs, Macs, iOS, Android, Microsoft on-premises, Office 365 apps, and G Suite.
Simple pricing with no upfront costs
Eliminate expensive equipment and backup software purchases. With WSR Cloud Backup, you can protect your systems and data with zero costs to start and at an affordable, predictable rate.
Flexible storage options
Comply with business requirements and regulations by choosing the right storage for your needs. Backups can be stored in the secure Acronis Cloud Storage or public clouds.
Intuitive, self-service web console
Gain the freedom to access backups and restore files wherever and whenever it’s needed. With our solution’s web-based, touch-friendly console, you’ll find you can execute basic tasks on your own.

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