Rescue Packages

Website Rescue

Up to 1 hour of investigation
Please provide website access details eg. cpanel, Wordpress admin user/pwd
In most cases we can fix simple issues within this hour else we advise on what needs doing.

Website Hardening

Been Hacked?
To secure your website and completely protect yourself from hackers, it is not enough to simply remove any hacked files. You need to take proactive measures to patch and remove any vulnerabilities which the hacker could exploit, otherwise it will simply happen again.
We will remove the hack and apply security measures to lock up the security holes.

Website Recovery Service

Includes recovery of both website and database files from one of our point in time backup points.

101 Health Check

A 101 point checklist that covers
3 major areas of your website
Design, Functionality and Performance.

Marketing Rescue

Our Website Marketing expert will review over 100 items in this review and advise on how to increase your conversions for your Adwords campaigns or your website in general.

SEO Essentials

There is definitely a minimum set of standards that Google is looking for when ranking sites. If you don't have at least these set Google will not crawl your site successfully.
In the Essentials pack we get your site up to these minimum standards.